Mat Pilates and Yoga

Movement Hub offers a variety of group classes during the week, with a maximum of 12 people to maintain quality of instruction and plenty of room to move.

You can find more information about each class and the instructor by clicking on the class link on the calendar below:


Casual Class10x Pass*Term Programs
$16$140Please click on the class in the calendar below for more information

*6 month expiry


  • With a maximum of 12x people per class, booking is highly recommended.
  • Booking can be done through Studio Bookings Online:
    1. Create an account
    2. Head to the shopping cart icon to purchase a casual or 10x pass credit.
    3. Click on the class you would like to book and confirm your booking.
    4. You can cancel your booking up to 2 hours before the class to be refunded your class credit.
    5. Make it even easier…GET THE APP! Find Studio Bookings Online in the app store for an easy way to book/cancel/check your class credits.
  • Your instructor can assist you in making a class booking or recurring bookings, or email for more assistance.